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Raised in a world of painters, I use the tools of photography to create images that are relevant, provocative, and have the impact of paintings. I zoom into the marks on the world to find those elements that elevate the greatest paintings: surface, texture, shadow, light, and color. All the photographs I take with my iPhone in square format.  They are not edited in any manner, simply printed on canvas and mounted on board like a painting.

An excerpt from Susan Rand Brown’s article in the Banner, 2014:

“A photographer with the eye and soul of a painter, Hopkins creates an image by isolating a fragment of something larger, perhaps a wall, textured and brightly lit, or flickering in shadow. Hopkins' images ask that we take nothing for granted. We are jolted into seeing the smallest detail, something we would rush past, as something unexpected, marvelous and, by Hopkins' positioning the camera just close enough to enlarge the image without distortion, something quite grand. Hers is a vision rooted in a pure form of abstract expressionism. The images she shoots suggest the sharply angled details of a Franz Kline, geometric shapes and flat colors of her father (Budd Hopkins) or a sudden burst of translucent layers, which could have been - but definitely are not - details from a collage by Robert Motherwell. Suddenly a viewer feels surrounded by the freshness of expressionist imagery and motion, each piece different, each piece allusive yet quite original."

© Grace Hopkins 2017